feature script

female action superhero

Amelia Earhart gets exposed to an alien weapon that gives her superpowers when she and her funny but bitter co-navigator Fred Noonan crash land on an uncharted island in the Pacific and discover a secret Japanese base run by a power-hungry General and his right-hand butt-kicking female officer Kat hell-bent on taking over the world.


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steampunk twisted fairy tale

A young vigilante girl named Cinder who longs to be an assassin gets her chance when her uncles infiltrate the castle the night of the Prince's ball.


pilot with show bible available

action with heart

A war vet returns home depressed after his pregnant Iraqi wife is kidnapped, only to be maneuvered into working for the same group that is behind her disappearance; his only saving grace his wife's Hamsa charm that seems to give him a mystical kind of luck.